Low Profile (Low Pro) Aluminum Dock System

DAKA’s proprietary extrusion that includes our fast track clip system and hidden nut channel, gives you the cleanest and sturdiest profile in today’s market.

Available in 8’, 12’, and 16’ sections, with corner pockets in all sections, allows for unlimited configurations. DAKA's "Low Pro" gives you the flexibility in design, whether you’re looking for a post-style or roll-in dock system. We offer two wheel-end options, the traditional round pipe uprights with a full width axle or independent telescoping screw jack legs. DAKA’s "Low Pro" has options that will work for your unique lakeshore needs.


Low Pro deck

  • Beautiful shore appeal - with DAKA’s proprietary design you have no visible holes, nuts or bolts
  • 7" deep custom aluminum side extrusion
  • Available in 8', 12', and 16' sections
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Triple stringer for unmatched strength
  • Anti-sway frame designed with corner to corner cross bracing to eliminate side sway
  • Triple braced wheel-end legs offer maximum support and durability
  • Hinge system allows for one-piece install and removal of longer docks
  • Stainless steel bolts and brass nuts are standard - no more rusty or seized bolts
  • Inset decking keeps panels in place
  • Available with Thru-Flow™ or Cedar decking
  • 15-year warranty (see written warranty for details)

Screw Jack Legs with Wheels

Screw Jack Legs Screw Jack Legs Screw Jack Legs

  • New 3rd-generation design, with easy turn quick adjustment screw jack legs
  • Three-piece telescoping design
  • 16" threaded travel
  • 16" quick set, travel
  • Total range of adjustment: 32" from top to bottom
  • Locking set-bolts at each telescoping member
  • Hex-head adjustment bolt located below the decking for easy access
  • Three (3) diagonal reinforcement braces standard (front, center and back)
  • Multi-directional design allows wheels to turn inboard or outboard
  • Universal design – no dedicated “right” or “left” screw jack leg assemblies
  • Three (3) leg sizes: standard, extra-long (XL) or extra-extra long (XXL)
  • Mount inside frame and below deck
  • Legs can be equipped with optional foot pad verses plastic wheel



  • 7" tall aluminum profile: 1" dock lip enclosure
  • 1-1/2" wide extra strong box frame
  • Full-length hidden nut channel incorporated into bottom of custom extruded side rails
  • Ribbed and grooved exterior wall for added strength and superior looks
  • Four (4) corner pockets with set-bolt on all frames
  • Three (3) full-length deck support stringers
  • Frame lengths: 8', 12', 16'
  • Frame width: 4' standard
  • Frame alone weights: 4’x8' = 75 lbs., 4'x12' = 107 lbs., 4'x16' = 135 lbs.
  • Marine grade aluminum alloy 6005-T6

Decking Options - Red Cedar, ThruFlow™ or Aluminum Woodgrain


Western Red Cedar:

  • Cool surface
  • Naturally durable 
  • Lightweight & stable
  • Finish-ready


  • Wet or dry you will stay safer and more sure-footed on ThruFlow™ decking
  • ThruFlow™ is made from reinforced polypropylene so it is strong, durable and long lasting
  • ThruFlow™ has a 12 year limited warranty (see written warranty for details)
  • Each 4'x4' ThruFlow™ panel weights only 22 pounds
  • ThruFlow™ is cool to walk on in the hot summer sun – where other decking gets HOT, ThruFlow™does not

Aluminum Woodgrain:

  • Strong structural integrity
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Cool to touch
  • Lightweight
  • Decorative power-coated finish

Cedar Deck Option

Low Pro Dock Assembly Video


Bumper Corner Set Dock Furniture

Accessories are a snap with DAKA’s fast track clip system and our hidden nut channel. Adding or adjusting your accessories is made easy. Simply clip our proprietary accessory bracket to the dock and fasten through our hidden nut channel. You will have a clean looking fit and a finish with no exposed holes or sharp edges.

  • Stair System – 3 Step
  • Ladders – 4 Step
  • Bench
  • Bumpers
  • Dock Furniture
  • 45 Degree Corners
  • Shore Ramp
  • Mooring Ring