DAKA Roll-In Dock Systems

Our Roll-In Dock systems are built for strength, stability and comfort. With versatile aluminum or steel frame construction, DAKA Roll-In Docks are configurable to any length or layout, yet remain lightweight for trouble-free installation.

Aluminum Roll-In Docks have a proven, lightweight design without sacrificing strength or durability. Our classic Steel Roll-In Docks are available with either a painted or galvanized finish and provide additional strength for rugged lakeshores and heavy use.

Docks & Lifts Designed with You in Mind

Rolling dockDAKA has designed our docks and lifts to fit your needs with different sizes and configurations – from straight docks to super platforms.

  • Support Poles
  • Removable Decking
  • Sturdy 12” Trusses
  • Roto Molded Plastic Wheels
  • Platform Support Brackets

Deck Support

Deck Support & Stability

For optimum deck support and stability, DAKA's aluminum 4'x8' sections feature 2 full-length stringers spaced at 16" on center, along with corner-to-corner bracing. This gives your dock a rock-solid foundation.

Platform Support

Platform Support Brackets

Found on all DAKA Platform and Super Platform configurations, Platform Support Brackets provide added strength and stability when bolting dock sections side by side. 

12 Inch Trusses

12-Inch Trusses

All DAKA Roll-In Docks feature 12-inch aluminum or steel trusses that provide incredible strength and durability. The 12-inch truss system ensures your dock has a sturdy base and will not flex under a heavy load.