Sectional Docks

DAKA Sectional Docks

DAKA Sectional Docks take the trouble out of rugged shorelines and muddy lake bottoms where finding the right dock system can be a challenge.

Available in aluminum or galvanized steel frames with either Cedar or Titan Decking.

Easy Installation and Removal

SectionalLightweight 4 x 10-foot aluminum dock sections make installation and removal of your Sectional Dock easy in any situation. Sturdy corner construction allows sections to align and drop into place to form nearly any configuration, and sections can be conveniently stacked for off-season storage.

  • Removable decking
  • Low profile aluminum extrusions
  • Stackable 4' x 10' sections
  • Support poles

Extrusions and Hardware

Extrusions & Hardware

DAKA’s Sectional Docks feature easy-to-handle 4 x 10 foot frames. Each section frame is constructed of 2 x 5 inch extruded aluminum tubing with heavy-duty corner welds.

Section Connectors

Section Connectors

Hot-dipped galvanized corner brackets on each section align and drop into place to form nearly any dock configuration. Come spring or fall, you’ll be happy that installation and removal requires only a single wrench.

Support Stringers

Support Stringers

When you’re at the lake, there should be a spring in your step – not in your dock. That’s why DAKA’s Sectional Dock frames have two full-length support stringers and a cross stringer to support each decking section. Support stringers provide exceptional support for removable decking panels.