Dock Accessories

All dock accessories are available for truss-style and low profile style docks. Your dream dock is waiting.

  • Accessory ramp 2048x2048

    Shore Ramp

    Link your dock to the shoreline with a 4' or 8' hinged shore ramp that adjusts to various heights. Available in all decking materials.

  • Accessory corner section 2048x2048

    Corner Section

    Want a little extra room? Add space easily to any L shape dock.

  • Accessory ladder 2048x2048

    Swimming Ladder

    Add a nice 4-rung ladder anywhere on your dock to get in and out of the water with ease

  • Accessory Bumper on low-pro-2048x2048

    Deluxe Bumpers

    Protect your pontoon or boat with non-marring plastic bumpers that are easy to mount anywhere

  • Accessory tow bar adjustable shore wheels 2048x2048

    Tow Bar

    Two-piece design with crossbar and removable tongue hook to ATV, truck or tractor with 1 7/8” ball coupler

  • Accessory Hinge assembly-2048x2048

    Hinge Assembly

    Allows long docks with 2 or more wheels systems to articulate over uneven shoreline

  • Accessory sway brace kit 2048x2048

    Sway Brace

    Add support to any 4' wide dock section with two 1 3/4" support poles; easy to remove

  • Accessory shore end adjustable wheel kit 2048x2048

    Adjustable Shore End Wheels

    Make installation and leveling a breeze.

  • Accessory furniture set 2048x2048

    Four-Piece Dock Furniture Set

    Set includes two tan chairs, table, and green umbrella. Each chair has a 250-pound weight limit.

  • Accessory Aluminum Stair-2048x2048

    Stair System

    Two-foot wide with handrails on both sides make this stair safe and convenient

  • Accessory storage rack kayaks 2048x2048

    Storage Rack

    Adjustable storage rack for kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes. Stores two items, maximum weight 250 pounds.

  • Accessory flag pole set 2048x2048


    Telescoping aluminum pole is easy to raise and lower; American flag included

  • Accessory winch set on pole 2048x2048

    Adjustment Winches

    Easily raise and lower your dock to the changing water levels with heavy duty winches; sold in pairs

  • Accessory Shore end fixed wheels-2048x2048

    Fixed Shore End Wheels

    Help make installation and removal easier.

  • Accessory mooring ring 2048x2048

    Mooring Ring

    Conveniently tie off to the sturdy and safe all-aluminum mooring ring.

  • Accessory bench 2048x2048


    There’s nothing better than relaxing or fishing with safe and sturdy dock seating - cup holders available

  • Accessory Tie down cleat-2048x2048

    Cleat Hitch

    Quickly and easily tie down your boat with this aluminum cleat hitch.