Lift Accessories

Your vertical boat lift can rise to any occasion with accessories that make operation and setup a breeze.

  • Lift accessories lift tech winch 2048x2048

    Lift-Tech Marine Winch

    Replace the crank wheel on any DAKA lift with this winch. Works with 12V, 24V, and 110V models. Optional remote control.

  • Lift accessories strongarm winch 2048x2048

    Strongarm Winch

    Lift up to 4,000 pounds with the touch of a button using our 12V winch.

  • Lift accessories Solar panel 2048x2048

    Solar Panel and Battery Tray

    Go green by powering your 10W/12V or 20W/24V electric winch with solar energy

  • Lift Accessorie Boat Lift step-2048x2048

    Boarding Platform

    Bridge the gap between your dock and boat to passengers board safely

  • Accessory Stationary lifting wheel kit-2048x2048

    Stationary Wheel Kit

    Make installation and removal easier with bolt-on stationary wheel kit and mounting plates

  • Lift accessories landing guides 2048x2048

    Landing Guides

    It’s easy to land your boat even in rough water with guides to help align your boat

  • Sunblocker Canopy Curtains

    Sunblocker Canopy Curtains

    Add extra protection for your boat and pontoon with this 10” side curtain

  • Tower Canopy

    Tower Canopy

    For boats with towers or Bimini tops, a retractable entrance panel makes protecting your boat easy: 24’ long, 115” wide, 3.5’ deep sides with 12” scalloped curtain