Lift Accessories

Your vertical boat lift can rise to any occasion with accessories that make operation and setup a breeze.

  • Lift accessories strongarm winch 2048x2048

    Strongarm Winch

    Lift up to 4,000 pounds with the touch of a button using our 12V winch designed specifically for DAKA

  • Lift accessories lift tech winch 2048x2048

    Electric Winch Drives

    Replace the crank wheel on any DAKA lift (12V, 24V, and 110V models) Optional remote control/Bluetooth and canopy lights

  • Easy Park System

    Easy Park System

    For tow boats, run abouts or pontoons. PVC post gently guide your boat into place, with an optional bow stop to land your boat perfectly

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  • Lift accessories landing guides 2048x2048

    Landing Guides

    It’s easy to land your boat even in rough water with guides to help align your boat

  • Pontoon Bow Stop 850px

    Pontoon Bow Stop

    Make it easier to park your pontoon like a pro. Stop the pontoon perfectly under the canopy every time. Pull up and stop. That simple.

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  • Lift Accessorie Boat Lift step-2048x2048

    Boarding Platform

    Bridge the gap between your dock and boat to passengers board safely

  • Tower Canopy

    Tower Canopy

    For boats with towers or Bimini tops, a retractable entrance panel makes protecting your boat easy: 24’ long, 115” wide, 3.5’ deep sides with 12” scalloped curtain

  • Sunblocker Canopy Curtains

    Sunblocker Canopy Curtains

    Add extra protection for your boat and pontoon with this 5' side curtain

  • Maverick Pro Canopy 3 of 6

    Maverick Pro Extra Deep Canopy

    The DAKA fully vented canopy offers your boat the best protection from the elements. Extremely deep sides keep the sun and weather out. Fully vented mesh ends and the vented side strip allow for air movement.

  • Freestanding Canopy

    Free Standing Canopy

    Works great for pontoons that are equipped with lifting legs. Four and six post systems available. DAKA canopies sold separately

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  • Lift accessories Solar panel 2048x2048

    Solar Panel and Battery Tray

    Go green with solar to power your 10W/12V or 20W/24V electric winch

  • Bird Deterrent pic 2 of 3

    Bird Deterrent

    Keep gulls and other birds off of your canopy with a wildlife-safe bird deterrent line. Easy to install and works on all DAKA standard height and Maverick Pro canopies.

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  • Lift Bars

    Lift Bars

    Make the beginning and end of your season a breeze with lift bars. Don't grab tricky vertical corner posts, instead use the leverage of removable horizontal lift bars. They even float!

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  • Lift Leveler 2

    Lift Leveler

    Get your lift set up properly horizontal with the DAKA lift leveler--a handy tool to assist lifting and leveling your DAKA lift.

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  • Accessory Stationary lifting wheel kit-2048x2048

    Boat Lift Wheel Kit

    Make installation and removal easier with bolt-on wheel and mounting plates