Roll-In Docks

Roll-In Docks

Roll-in boat docks are perfect for gradual slope lakeshore with hard, sandy, or rocky bottoms and shallow-to-deep water with large fluctuations. Installation and removal is easy as you can roll the entire dock in and out of the water in one piece.

Roll-In Dock Styles

Truss style lifestyle


Make it easy to enjoy a day on the lake with a dock you can trust. Featuring visible aluminum or budget-friendly steel trusses, DAKA truss-style docks provide 12" beams to create a rigid structure for exceptional strength and durability. They are lightweight and configurations can be any length or layout, making it easy to build the dock of your dreams.

Low pro proprietary design

Low Profile

Your dock can look picture-perfect with our proprietary low profile design, featuring no visible holes, nuts, or bolts. This extruded aluminum dock offers exceptional versatility with a beautiful finish and sturdy performance. Easy to customize with whatever accessories you need or in whatever configuration you want, low profile docks are a stunning choice for any lakeshore.

Truss Style Roll-In Docks

Truss Style roll in dock

Truss Style Features & Benefits

Truss style lifestyle 12in truss

12" Trusses

The tallest available truss prevents flexing under heavier loads with fewer support poles required.

Truss style lifestyle adjustable

Classic Winch Adjustable Legs

A two-winch system allows for independent leveling of your dock on each side. Winches can be removed when not in use and operated topside.

Truss style arial deck support

Deck Support

In addition to a corner-to-corner bracing system, a below deck stringer set runs for the full-length of your dock to provide a super solid foundation.

Truss Style Decking

Decking Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

Wood that’s naturally resistant to decay and provides a beautiful and classic finish.

Decking Titan

Titan Decking

Barefoot and pet-friendly polypropylene with a slip-resistant surface. Excellent drainage, virtually maintenance-free with UV protection for long-lasting enjoyment.

Dock Accessories

  • Accessory winch set on pole 2048x2048

    Adjustment Winches

    Easily raise and lower your dock to the changing water levels with heavy duty winches; sold in pairs

  • Accessory corner section 2048x2048

    Corner Section

    Want a little extra room? Add space easily to any L shape dock.

  • Accessory Hinge assembly-2048x2048

    Hinge Assembly

    Allows long docks with two or more wheels systems to articulate over uneven shoreline

  • Accessory bench 2048x2048


    There’s nothing better than relaxing or fishing with safe and sturdy dock seating - cup holders available

Low Profile Style Roll-In Docks

Low pro roll in Flush mount easy adjust dock

Low Profile Style Features & Benefits

Low pro option cordless drill flush mount 2

Easy Adjust Legs

Adjust the level of your dock using only a cordless drill with our three-piece telescoping design. Legs can be mounted inside dock frame and below deck, and feature multi-directional wheels to make movement easy.

Low pro lifestyle 2

Proprietary Design

Our proprietary aluminum extrusion design shows no holes, nuts, or bolts. Our frames are made from a marine-grade aluminum alloy that is both durable and strong, and we never cut corners with parts, using only materials that will last for years to come.

Lift Canopies header image


Configure your dock in any shape or size you need. Add accessories easily using our fast-track clip system, and level your dock to a range of heights using only a cordless drill. Almost anything is possible with a low profile dock.

Low Profile Style Decking

Decking Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar

Wood that’s naturally resistant to decay and provides a beautiful and classic finish.

Decking Thru Flow

ThruFlow™ Decking

Fiber-reinforced polypropylene material that is strong, long-lasting, and friendly to bare feet or pets. Backed by a 12-year limited warranty.

Decking Aluminum with Woodgrain

Red Cedar Alumigrain Decking

Aluminum decking mimics the appearance of wood on lightweight powder-coated panels that stay cool to the touch and maintenance free.

Gray Birch 2 of 3

Gray Birch Alumigrain Decking

Get all of the clean, rustic look of Gray Birch on easy, maintenance-free aluminum panels that stay cool to the touch.

Dock Accessories

  • Accessory mooring ring 2048x2048

    Mooring Ring

    Conveniently tie off to this sturdy and safe all-aluminum mooring ring (For Low profile docks only)

  • Deluxe bumpers

    Deluxe Bumpers

    Protect your pontoon or boat with non-marring plastic bumpers that are easy to mount anywhere. For both truss and low profile docks and vertical or horizontal orientation

  • Accessory tow bar adjustable shore wheels 2048x2048

    Tow Bar

    Two-piece design with crossbar and removable tongue hook to ATV, truck or tractor with 1 7/8” ball coupler

  • Accessory ramp 2048x2048

    Shore Ramp

    4', 8' or 12' ramp with pivoting design allows a smooth transition from any shoreline to your dock